Composting Toilet 12v Stirring System


Price $850.00

Introducing the new Compost Toilet, 100% made in New Zealand ideal for Boats and Off-Grid Living!

This is a small separating composting toilet ideal for those of you who are really struggling for space... this is a perfect solution for a small van/boat or tiny house.

The diverter made from tough easy clean fiberglass
Every separator/diverter is handmade by us, with a gel coat and resin to ensure durability and hygiene at all times. The surface is extremely strong and resilient.

You should press the button for 10 seconds and that will rotate the bucket (previously filled with sawdust or similar), in this way, the composting will mix and cover the solids. There is no need to sprinkle sawdust every time that you use the toilet.
It has a 12v fan that eliminates smells, the fan can exit the toilet from the bottom, back, or sides depending on your preferred route.
The toilet comes complete with a fan, stirring system, 4L bottle with cap, and 20L bucket.

Dimensions: 395W x 515H x 510D - Ask for customized dimensions.

Slide Out Kitchen Kit


Price $790.00

The Slide Out Kitchen Kit will fit any SUV, Crossover, Wagon, Truck, or Van with enough cargo space to fit a box 500W x 380H x 730D.

The Slide out Kitchen kit includes:
- Stainless steel washbasin
- Bamboo cutting board
- Drying rack/storage basket
- Drawer for the two-burner stove (Stove not included)
- Hanger hooks for accessories, trash bags, hand towels, utensils, etc.
- Space for a water tank (Water tank not included)
- Plenty of storage space 
-2 Ratchet Tie Down Straps

The Slide out Kitchen Kit can be mounted to the driver or passenger side of any cargo area and stoves can be operated facing either direction.

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